Nederlands Dans Theater Performance

Nederlands Dans Theater Performance

The critically-acclaimed contemporary dance company, NDT 2, will set TU Delft's Mobility|Society Live in motion with a rare performance of Tom Weinberger's 'The Most Fascinating Problem in the World.' Choreographed to the lecture 'Myth of Myself' by philosopher Alan Watts, the performers  give life to the ideas surfaced by Mr. Watts. They illustrate them with their bodies, seeking to bridge between the text and the observer. Using the musicality mannerism, humor and irony in Watts's speech, the performers offer a light and intense physical interpretation of the themes brought forward by Watts. They find ways of expressing the fundamental point, that all that exists is related to, and is a part of one whole cosmic wave.


Speakers: from dance and design, to cars and culture

NDT 2's performance will be followed by a series of keynotes and discussion panels, bringing together a unique combination of speakers brought together on the topic of mobility's fundamental role in shaping our society. Click on the photos to find out more about the speakers.




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